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Illustrated by Laura Breiling


About: This is a culinary self-defense class for cis and trans-women, trans men and non-binary folx. It is designed to give all participants some extra resources that will come in handy when navigating a patriarchal, cis-hetero-normative world every day. It focuses on learning about our environment, ourselves and the others around us from a physical and emotional self-defense perspective. This means we will do some fun exercises that allow us new insights into these things, learn some basic martial arts techniques, and familiarize ourselves with our (physical) strength.

  • When? Every Friday, starting March 25 till May 27th, 2022, from 7.30 PM to 9.30 PM.
  • Where? Steinmetzstr. 46, 10783 Berlin
  • Carbs? Dinner is served on May 27th at Superrrr Lab, Berlin Moritzplatz
  • Costs? You can choose to pay anywhere from 20 EUR to 70 EUR for this class. The dinner will be 15 EUR on top.
  • What to bring? Comfortable sports clothes, e.g. jogging pants and T-Shirt or similar.
  • Beginners welcome, no prior knowledge necessary.

This is a joint event series by Yanagi Jutaijutsu Berlin e. V. and SUPERRR Lab
The course will be taught by Eva Dingel, founder of Yanagi and Ilaria Bruzzone, both 3rd level black belts in Jutaijutsu.


  • To sign up drop us an email: info[at]yanagi.berlin


  • Session 1: March25th. Intro & getting to know each other Familiarizing ourselves with an environment: what’s important? How can we use all our resources to figure out and navigate a new (or familiar) space we’re in?
  • Session 2: April 1st. First intro to using the strength that we have, and directing it outwards What’s our personal ‘circle’ and why is this important? How do we react when someone tries to enter it?
  • Session 3: April 29th. Getting physical, part I: a few nice and simple techniques to use in case someone thinks they can enter our circle, or touch us without permission
  • Session 4: May 6th. Mind & body, in this case: confronting some physical challenges, and using our breathing as well as different strategies to overcome them
  • Session 5: May 13th. Getting physical, part II: using all the things we’ve learned, plus surprise amazing experience!!!!
  • Dinner: May 27th. Yummy food, plus the space to talk and share together. At SUPERRR Lab Space, Oranienstr. 58 A, Berlin (on Moritzplatz, straight across from Modulor). 2G rules apply. We ask you to present proof of vaccination or recovery.


Check out the Yanagi Berlin website for more info and the Code of Conduct or drop us an email: info[at]yanagi.berlin