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New Self Defense Course, Spring 2023!

The next edition of our tried-and-tested self-defense classes will be happening from March 16 to April 6 in Berlin Schöneberg! As usual, it is open for women, non-binary and LBTQIA* folx and will offer a safe space in which to work on discovering your strengths, reading situations and people (e.g. body language), training to handle […]

Self love & Carbs

JOIN US FOR SELF LOVE AND CARBS! MARCH 25TH TILL MAY 27TH, 2022 About: This is a culinary self-defense class for cis and trans-women, trans men and non-binary folx. It is designed to give all participants some extra resources that will come in handy when navigating a patriarchal, cis-hetero-normative world every day. It focuses on learning about […]

Hierarchy and bullying in martial arts

Martial arts practice is often lauded as an antidote to bullying and abuse, and rightly so. In fact, at Yanagi we deeply believe that engaging in martial arts will make anyone who practices them stronger, more confident, and better able to stand up against forms of manipulation, abuse or aggression they may experience in school, […]

Don’t Feed the Trolls: Tradition and Authenticity in Martial Arts

Tradition and authenticity are big topics in martial arts, obviously. The closer any school can prove to be to the “authentic origins” of its martial art, the more legitimate and recognised it tends to be in any martial arts community. If teacher X of a certain school, for example, has spent a few years in Asia and learnt from important masters there, this will hugely increase recognition for her school, and decrease any delegitimising attacks from detractors or competitors.

What is Jutaijutsu? Is it like Jujutsu?

Jujutsu, which you might have heard of, translates as the “gentle art.” Tai is Japanese for body, so Jutaijutsu is the “gentle art of moving your body.” This is about the idea of using your opponent’s energy to your advantage, going with the flow rather than resisting, staying flexible in dealing with new situations – both mentally and physically. To an observer, Jutaijutsu might not always look particularly “gentle,” since we do sparring and some of our techniques can be quite impactful. It is more about versatility, understanding situations and staying flexible in your response.