“Yanagi” is Japanese for willow. This tree has a particular significance in the Japanese martial arts: the flexible branches of a willow never snap. Even under the weight of the snow, they don’t break but give way. This describes an important principle in the martial arts – staying flexible, diverting your opponent’s energy and using it to your own advantage.

Yanagi Jutaijutsu Berlin e.V. was set up in 2019 and teaches the Japanese martial art of Jutaijutsu. It builds on a 15-year presence of Jutaijutsu in Berlin and a history of Jutaijutsu in Europe reaching back over 40 years. We train in mixed groups where all levels work together, we are open to all genders and speak a total of ten different languages in our school.


Jutaijutsu is a martial art focused on self-defense originating in the Japanese Middle Ages. It starts by learning how to fall without hurting yourself and includes throws, levers, punching and kicking techniques as well as – for more advanced students – the handling of Japanese weapons such as Bo, Tonfa, Sai, Katana and Bokuto (Bokken). Jutaijutsu provides a very comprehensive training that reaches far beyond mere technical aspects and includes agility, attention, willpower, communication and group dynamics.


During the winter lockdown 2020/21 in Berlin, all classes have moved back online! We get together every Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm for a one-hour, martial-arts focused, full-body workout. Send us a message to get the link and join!

This fall, we are offering another self-defense class for women. After our successful, 3-week class in the spring, we have been requested by a group of women to hold another edition of Jutaijutsu self-defense and security training. We’re happy to work with this amazing group! Contact us for more information about upcoming classes!

New video of our Jutaijutsu presentation at Japanmarkt Berlin in August 2020! It was a very hot day and all we had was a dusty patch of lawn, but we loved it and the audience was great! We’re looking forward to the next edition of this amazing event that caters to everyone interested in Japanese culture and cuisine.

Our History

Jutaijutsu combines elements of martial arts developed by the Samurai, Ninja and Yamabushi. In contrast to more modern fighting styles that have developed after the Meiji period in Japan, Jutaijutsu is not specialized in certain techniques or aspects but offers a very comprehensive and varied curriculum. It encompasses numerous different techniques and the handling of traditional weapons, offering students an extensive repertoire for self-defense. Jutaijutsu arrived in Europe via the Yoshin Ryu school founded in Turin, Italy by Maestro Cesare Turtoro in 1978. Maestro Turtoro was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun in 2018 by Japanese emperor Akihito, recognizing his accomplishments in disseminating the art of Jutaijutsu in Italy and beyond. Today, Jutaijutsu remains firmly rooted in its century-old traditions, but keeps adapting and reinventing itself in the spirit of our times.

Why Jutaijutsu?

Anyone can join our training, which takes place in a mixed-gender group. Beginners and advanced students train together. Whatever your level of fitness or previous knowledge of martial arts, Jutaijutsu is for you if you:


Are curious and have an interest in exercise or martial arts.


Want to improve your fitness and agility.

Beyond your limits

Want to get to know yourself better, and to expand your own limits that you had assumed to be immovable.


Feel like joining a regular practice as part of a respectful group.


Tradition and authenticity are big topics in martial arts, obviously. The closer any school can prove to be to the “authentic origins” of its martial art, the more legitimate and recognised it tends to be in any martial arts community. If teacher X of a certain school, for example, has spent a few years in Asia and learnt from important masters there, this will hugely increase recognition for her school, and decrease any delegitimising attacks from detractors or competitors.

Jujutsu, which you might have heard of, translates as the “gentle art.” Tai is Japanese for body, so Jutaijutsu is the “gentle art of moving your body.” This is about the idea of using your opponent’s energy to your advantage, going with the flow rather than resisting, staying flexible in dealing with new situations – both mentally and physically. To an observer, Jutaijutsu might not always look particularly “gentle,” since we do sparring and some of our techniques can be quite impactful. It is more about versatility, understanding situations and staying flexible in your response.

Contact Us

Training :

During the winter 2020/21 lockdown: All training takes place virtually as online workouts. Send us an email to join and we’ll send you the link.

Normally: Tuesday & Friday: 19:30h-21:30h, Steinmetzstraße 46, 10783 Berlin

Thursday: 18:30h-20:30h, Kolonnenstraße 26 (Haus 2, 2. OG), 10829 Berlin

If you’re interested, come to the dojo for a free trial session and bring your running shoes and sports clothes.

You can download the statutes, the applicable fees and the sign-up form here (all in German).



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Yanagi Jutaijutsu Berlin e.V.
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