Yanagi’s kids’ class

Is your kid looking for a new sports activity to try? Or are YOU looking for a new thing to try for your kid? Consider joining our Jutaijutsu class for kids. It’s a fun, one-hour class where your child will feel part of a group and will learn a number of important skills, both physical and social. In a playful manner and using lots of games, we will improve coordination and stamina, train reflexes and learn some basic self-defense techniques that will help kids feel strong and active. By being part of a group of peers, they will also learn to respect each other, deal with conflicts or disputes in a constructive and positive way, and have a lot of fun getting to know each other.

The class takes place every Saturday from 2pm to 3pm in Berlin Schöneberg, at Neumark-Grundschule, Steinmetzstr. 46 (near S/U-Bahn Yorckstraße). You can drop by for a free trial class anytime! For the first classes, your kid will need regular sports clothes, for example jogging pants and a T-Shirt. If they decide to join the class and stay, they will eventually need a white Judo or Karate suit (gi) that you can find at any dedicated martial arts shop or at larger sports stores such as Decathlon or others.

We have a large age span for the kids’ class, from 6 to 13 years, because our philosophy is that diversity is a great thing for any group: that’s why, in our adult classes, all levels and genders train together, as well. Bearing in mind the physical abilities of kids of different ages, we split the class into different age groups at various points to make sure everyone stays challenged and engaged.

We are a member of Landessportbund Berlin (LSB) and all our classes adhere to the quality and ethical guidelines set by this umbrella body. All our trainers are well-qualified martial artists and regularly take part in LSB’s trainings and courses.

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