Our History

Jutaijutsu combines elements of martial arts developed by the Samurai, Ninja and Yamabushi. In contrast to more modern fighting styles that have developed after the Meiji period in Japan, Jutaijutsu is not specialized in certain techniques or aspects but offers a very comprehensive and varied curriculum. It encompasses numerous different techniques and the handling of traditional weapons, offering students an extensive repertoire for self-defense. Jutaijutsu arrived in Europe via the Yoshin Ryu school founded in Turin, Italy by Maestro Cesare Turtoro in 1978. Maestro Turtoro was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun in 2018 by Japanese emperor Akihito, recognizing his accomplishments in disseminating the art of Jutaijutsu in Italy and beyond. Today, Jutaijutsu remains firmly rooted in its century-old traditions, but keeps adapting and reinventing itself in the spirit of our times.